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Hotel Suigekka

Our hotel's recommended "morning cruise" is a plan which involves departing the hotel's port to tour Lake Suigetsu and Lake Suga, two of the five famous Mikata-goko lakes. You'll also be able to eat breakfast aboard the ship. We hope that you'll enjoy this luxurious morning moment while admiring the splendid scenery.

Address 51-13 Umiyama, Wakasa-cho
Phone 0770-47-1234
Room Fee JPY 14,040 (Tax inc.)
2 Adults, 1 Room / 1 Room, 2 Meals / Per Person
Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club
Fee for Lunch Only From JPY 2,160 (Tax inc.)
Meal Options Vegetarian Options, Can accommodate allergies
Dinner Venue Restaurant (Hall)
Check in / Check out 15:00 / 10:00
Japanese-style Rooms

21 (10 x Tatami) Rooms (6 of witch have Bath, Toilet, 15 of which have Toilet)

Western-style Rooms

9 Twin Rooms (with Bath, Toilet)

Banquet Halls

2 Rooms (75 x Tatami, 18 x Tatami)

Capacity 123 people
Baths Men: 1, Number of Showers: 7
Women: 1, Number of Showers: 7
Toilets Men: 7 Urinals, 1 Japanese-style Toilet, 4 Western-style Toilets
Women: 2 Japanese-style Toilets, 5 Western-style Toilets
Shared: 1 Western-style Toilet
Basins Men: 3
Women: 3
Wheelchairs 2
Wi-Fi Available in both the lobby and guests' rooms
Furnishings and Amenities Bathrobe, Hand towel, Shampoo, Body wash, Comb or Brush, Toothbrush, Hairdryer
Transport Service Rides to station: Yes
Taxi Arrangement Service: No
Parking (Free) 6 Large Buses, 1 Minibus, 50 Cars
Web site http://suigekka.jp

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