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To give one defining characteristic that cannot be found in any other inn than Sanshiro, it would be how guest-orientated we are. If our inn was to have it's own unique color, it would be the color of the smiles of all the people who stay with us. The room turns into the color of the guests who have chosen to stay at Sanshiro on that day at that time. It may well be colored a different color the next chance they have to visit.

Address 6-21-1 Yuushi, Wakasa-cho
Phone 0770-47-1524
Room Fee From JPY 9,720 (Tax inc.)
2 Adults, 1 Room / 1 Room, 2 Meals / Per Person
Credit Cards Not Accepted
Fee for Lunch Only From JPY 4,320 (Tax inc.)
Dinner Venue In-Room, Restaurant (Hall)
Check in / Check out 15:00 / 10:00
Japanese-style Rooms

1 (over 12 x Tatami) Room,
5 (10 x Tatami) Rooms,
3 (6 x Tatami) Rooms

Banquet Halls

2 Rooms (36 x Tatami)

Capacity 50 people
Baths Men: 1, Number of Showers: 4
Women: 1, Number of Showers: 4
Toilets Men: 5 Urinals, 1 Japanese-style Toilet, 3 Western-style Toilets
Women: 2 Japanese-style Toilets, 3 Western-style Toilets
Basins Shared: 8
Wheelchairs 1
Furnishings and Amenities Bathrobe, Hand towel, Shampoo, Soap, Body wash, Comb or Brush, Toothbrush, Hairdryer
Transport Service Rides to station: Yes
Taxi Arrangement Service: No
Parking (Free) 6 Large Buses, 10 Minibuses, 40 Cars
Web site http://tairyudo.com/SANSIROH/framepage.htm

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