Wakasa Tourist Infomation


Address 6-11Sekumi , Wakasa-cho
Phone 0770-46-1551
Room Fee From JPY 7,800 (Tax inc.)
2 Adults, 1 Room / 1 Room, 2 Meals / Per Person
Credit Cards Not Accepted
Fee for Lunch Only From JPY 5,000 (Tax inc.)
Meal Options Can accommodate allergies
Dinner Venue Separate Location
Check in / Check out 15:00 / 10:00
Japanese-style Rooms

2 (over 12 x Tatami) Rooms,
2 (10 x Tatami) Rooms,
1 (8 x Tatami) Room,
2 (6 x Tatami) Rooms,
1 Room

Banquet Halls

4 Rooms (Total 35 x Tatami)

Capacity 40 people
Baths Men: 1, Number of Showers: 3
Women: 1, Number of Showers: 3
Toilets Men: 6 Urinals, 3 Japanese-style Toilets, 1 Western-style Toilet
Women: 2 Japanese-style Toilets, 2 Western-style Toilets
Basins Shared: 4
Furnishings and Amenities Bathrobe, Hand towel, Shampoo, Soap, Body wash, Comb or Brush, Toothbrush, Hairdryer
Transport Service Rides to station: Yes (Available on conditions)
Taxi Arrangement Service: Yes
Parking (Free) 10 Cars Sectional Car Park
Web site http://www.hamani.info/

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