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Nishita Bairin (Mikata Bairin)

Wakasa Town is known nationwide as a production center for Fukui-Ume (Fukui plums). Having tiny seeds and a fleshy pulp, Fukui-Ume plums are highly rated for their fine taste. This particular plum brand has a long history going back to Japan's Tenpo Period (mid 1880s, part of the Edo Period) and comes in two different types: the 'Benisashi' red-fleshed type is used to make 'Umeboshi' pickles and the 'Kensaki' type is used for plum wine.
In early spring, over 70,000 plum trees reveal their beautiful white blooms in charming contrast against the green grass that adorns the Mikatagoko lake shores.

Address Tai, Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui-pref.
Opening Hours Can be viewed freely.
*The plum tree fields are owned by nearby farmers, please do not tresspass on them.
Inquiries JA Mikatagoko Umenosato Kaikan Phone. 0770-46-1501
Web SIte https://www.mikatagoko.or.jp/index.html

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