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Uramigawa (Urami Canal)

Urami-gawa is the largest man-made water way in Mikatagoko and connects the Suigetsuko and Kugusiko lakes, The channel was cut by a man named Namekata Kyubei to prevent flood damage to lakeside fields after heavy periods of rain. It is said that Namekata was successful because he took heed of an oracle which told him to cut the waterway in the same direction that cormorants fly by. Construction took 2 years with a workforce of 220,000 people and the project eventually created areas of land for two new villages, namely Ikura and Narude. These villages are part of the Lake Center's jet boat tour.

Address Kiyama,Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui-pref. 919-1301
Opening Hours Open to the public all year-round
Parking Unavailable
Inquiries Kogashimaso Phone. 0770-45-0255

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