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Mikata Ishi Kannon (Deity Statue)

One night sometime in the Enryaku Period (about 1,200 years ago) the priest Kobodaishi had secluded himself in this mountain area and was carving a stone (ishi) statue of the Kannon (Goddess of Mercy). However he was forced to abandon his effort upon hearing a rooster crow to announce the daybreak. He left the mountain and the statue's right hand remained unfinished. This site is now designated as a special holy site along the Hokuriku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage and, on acccount of the statue's missing limb, is said to have healing powers for limb disabilities. The path to the mountainside away from the Main Hall leads to a spring called 'Kannon Reisui' and, in March 2006, the spring's water 'Fukui no Oishii Mizu' (Fukui's Delicious Water) was recognised as among the very best from Fukui.

Address 1-1 Mikata, Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui-pref. 919-1303
Access On Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway
5 min. drive from Wakasa-Mikata I.C. (via Route 27)

15 min. walk from JR Obama line Mikata Station
Opening Hours The Main Hall is open from 8:00 to 17:00 all year-round.
Fee Free
Parking Available
Inquiries Mikata Ishi Kannon Office Phone. 0770-45-0017
Web SIte http://www.town.fukui-wakasa.lg.jp/kankou/category/page.asp?Page=38

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