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Ancient Burial Mounds An Important National Historic Site

17 ancient imperial graves have been confirmed here. Five mounds; the Nishizuka Mound, Kaminozuka Mound, Nakatsuka Mound, Kamifunazuka Mound and Shimofunazuka Mound were designated as historic sites in 1935. Many objects from China and the Korean Peninsula have been found within them and the inner-chambers of some round mounds are exposed. The objects excavated are all on public view (free-of-charge) in the Wakasa Town Historical Culture Center. The exterior of the mounds can be seen freely.

Address Wakibukuro, Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui-pref.
Closed Days Feel free to view the old burial mounds from outside.
Inquiries Wakasa-town History and Culture Section Phone. 0770-62-2711
Web SIte http://www.town.fukui-wakasa.lg.jp/kankou/category/page.asp?Page=63

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